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Choose your template and options

Make your CV standout with one of our simple and effective CV templates and choose your delivery options or add-ons.

Fill in your details / Upload your docs

Simply fill in your information and upload your current CV or supporting docs onto our system for ease. If you don’t have a CV, don’t sweat it you can upload a bio or any other info that can help.

Answer a short questionnaire and leave the rest with us

This will help us gain insights about your experiences to build the foundation of your CV. If we are missing information, one of our professionals will contact you for a clarifying interview.

We help people from our heart!

We will work with you to make sure your CV or resume is tailored to your needs.
Our core values underpin everything we do…

Personalized Approach

We use our years of expertise and take the time to study and analyze your experience to craft your CV

No Judgements Here

If you have 0 years of experience or 20+, we focus on supporting each individual based on their unique experiencess and circumstances


We foster an environment of professionalism, inclusivity and appreciation for all stakeholders


This is a cornerstone of our ethos at SimpliCV as we aim make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Customized Pricing Plans


AED 449

0-3 Years of Experience

*1 page CV/Resume


AED 599

4-12 Years of Experience

*2 page CV


AED 479

12+ Years of Experience

*2 page CV


SimpliCV Success Stories

Explore the success stories of SimpliCV users who achieved career milestones. From CV creation to tangible results, join the community of professionals elevating their CV with SimpliCV.


I used SimpliCV to edit my resume and it was a great experience! The team made sure I was completely satisfied with the final product, and my resume was much more eye-catching to recruiters. Highly recommend!

Jenny M.


After struggling with applications, SimpliCV helped me tailor my CV according to the market in Dubai, I finally landed a job in my dream city!

Karim A.


Upgrading my CV with SimpliCV was the best decision to land me interviews in my target market! Thanks guys!

Sami K.


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